Regent's Place

British Land
London Borough of Camden
Regent’s Place is a 13-acre mixed-use campus owned by British Land. The development fronts Euston Road and is situated between King's Cross and Paddington, close to Regent's Park. Primarily developed as an office development in the 1990's, the site now includes residential and a lively mix of retail and revitalised public spaces.
Townshend Landscape Architects were briefed by British Land in 2018 to review and improve the public realm, with a less corporate feel, reflecting their changing commercial requirements and to create a sustainable landscape that will endure and evolve.
Public Realm Masterplan
Our vision for Regent's Place was to help create a desirable destination for office, leisure, and culture opportunities where people can engage with the external environment. The aim was to create a public realm that helped to establish a renewed identity for the campus. A key part of the brief was that the spaces should be sustainable, designed to maximise and improve the amount of usable space, with opportunities for fun and delight, which in turn become part of the fabric of the place.
The existing masterplan is structured around a series of streets, routes, and spaces. The proposals have considered how each of the spaces will have their own, distinct character, which together will form a unifying identity for the revitalised Regent's Place. Key open spaces will host complementary activities which will create a livelier 24 hour environment.
A Healthy Place:
Urban green spaces have a strong correlation with health and happiness. A key principle of the proposals was promoting the opportunity for healthy and active lifestyles, by providing areas for food growing for both local restaurants and community groups.
Key Places:
Osnaburgh Place
At the western end of the site Osnaburgh Place is a key open space which has been remodelled to create a new garden space around a series of performance and seating structures.
Regent's Place Plaza
Regent's Place Plaza is the largest open space. Predominantly hard landscaped, with a number of Plane trees along its sides, constantly activated by pedestrian movements and temporary events.
Temporary landscape interventions are helping to enhance the identity of the plaza, complementing the new permanent landscape installation.
The permanent areas of landscape significantly increase the amount of greenery, enabling people to comfortably sit amongst areas of planting. Timber seating platforms and planters provide larger group and more comfortable areas to dwell. At the southern end of the plaza, a temporary pavilion forms an important role in forming an edge to the square, creating a sense of enclosure and respite from the busy Euston Road.
Design team:
Project Manager: M3
Engineering: ARUP
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