Creating places for people is embedded in our approach to design, enabling us to develop a vision inherent to a place. We believe people's quality of life and the quality of their build environment are intrinsically linked. We seek to re-imagine public spaces that integrate with their surroundings and are the heart of local communities, towns and cities, thereby creating the setting for public life to play out.
We are passionate about both design and integration, working closely in a studio environment to create places that are unique, memorable and long lasting. We firmly believe in working as part of a collaborative process through which we can shape the public realm to create lively environments that contribute to people's health, happiness and wellbeing.
2018-04 Bench Study - design development
2018-02 Design concept for a 'green valley'
2017-12 Inside Outside
2017-05 Day and Night roof terraces
2015-05 Design concept sketches for the water feature design in Pancras Square