Lewis Cubitt Park, King's Cross

Argent King's Cross Limited Partnership
London Borough of Camden
Lewis Cubitt Park is a new green space north of Coal Drops Yard and Cubitt Square, and forms part of the 27 hectare King's Cross redevelopment. The master plan for the site represents one of the most exciting and significant development and regeneration opportunities within the UK where over 40% of the land area has been allocated as public open space.
Masterplan Development
The park has been designed as the principal green open space in the master plan and contrasts with the hard landscaped Granary Square and Lewis Cubitt Square, which host more lively events and activities. The park follows the tradition of a traditional London square but without the railings, increasing permeability to it, and provides further environmental benefits for London. The park has gently mounded lawns, with trees and specimen shrubs that subtly divide it into smaller spaces, while leaving large open areas for play, games or relaxing in the sun.
The temporary installation of a 40m long, natural, chemical-free pond, by Ooze Architects and artist Marjetica Potrc, entitled 'Of Soil and Water', and run by the King's Cross Pond Club, was in the northern part of the park. It comprises a purified open-air bathing pool, incorporating native wetland and submerged pond plant species. The piece encourages visitors to enter the water and participate in the installation as a piece of experiential art. This innovative piece of Land Art is the UK's first man-made fresh water public bathing pond that sits within a working construction site.
Concept Design
Design team:
Engineer: PBA
Photography: John Sturrock
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