Claremont Park

Related Argent
London Borough of Barnet
Claremont Park is the first of seven parks that will be delivered in the new neighbourhood of Brent Cross Town, and at the heart of the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration programme. Brent Cross Town is a joint venture between Related Argent and Barnet Council to develop a large-scale mixed-use development including new homes, retail, and office space, as well as improved schools and greenspaces in the area. At its heart is a focus on health and well-being including sports and play, all of which are showcased at Claremont Park.
Community Space
The park is an important neighbourhood space for the local community to relax and spend time in, a place to be active, to play and socialise, as well as a place to engage with the natural environment. In total over 300 new trees have been planted in the park.
The new park expands on what was an existing open space that needed rejuvenation and now provides a 4.5-acre space bringing together imaginative play facilities, water features, nature trails and a new community-run kiosk.
Design Principles
The design of the park has been guided by a set of principles which include environmental, social and economic aims, to encourage social spaces, improve connectivity; aid economic vibrancy; be accessible and inclusive; and create real opportunities for play, leisure, exercise and sport. These principles come together to create a beautiful local park that attracts a wide range of people, enabling it to become a core part of the emerging neighbourhood.
Environmentally the design aims to maximise its natural qualities, more than 300 new trees have been planted. Wildflower meadows mix with a strong theme of water including a large pond fed by swales. These features ensure that Claremont Park will play an important role in improving the local area’s biodiversity.

The new play area forms a social heart to the park, a space where children of all ages and their families can enjoy. The adjacent kiosk is run by a local resident, following a competition to find and support local businesses.
Design team:
Engineer: ARUP
Planning: DP9
Play: Erect Architecture
Skate Park and Pocket Sports: Canvas
John Sturrock
2022 NLA | Built Public Space Shortlist
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