Angel Lane

City of London Corporation
City of London
Angel Lane is a semi-pedestrianised street, running north from the River Thames walkway, between Cannon Street Bridge and London Bridge. Townshend Landscape Architects were appointed by the City of London to design the public realm between two prestigious commercial developments. The scheme was completed in 2011 and creates a new useable public space as well as a pedestrian link from the City to the River Walk. This linear open space has been designed to allow pedestrians to stop, rest and enjoy the views across the river. Tilting granite benches guide the eye towards the River Thames and an area of lawn is laid at the sunny southern end of the route as an informal place to sit during the summer months. Multi-stemmed Amelanchier trees provide a delicate low canopy cover, while herbaceous perennial planting provide colour throughout the year. Timber and granite benches in groups provide resting places for both city workers and tourists..
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