Al Ain Oasis

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Set within the Garden City of Al Ain in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the refurbishment plans for this historic oasis seek to strengthen the cultural importance of the site, while at the same time sensitively integrating the Oasis with the surrounding parts of the City. This process entailed gaining an understanding of the physical and social context of the Oasis, the function of the aflaj, as well as the economic and symbolic importance of the palm tree.
Public Realm Strategy
Within the framework of the oasis the scheme aimed to strengthen the identity of Al Ain Oasis by creating a cultural quarter that will accommodate a revitalized souk, the Al Ain Oasis Visitor Centre, the National Museum as well as the Centre for Music in the Islamic World and other facilities. The landscape master plan proposals explore ways these buildings can be delivered sensitively within the context of the Oasis, whilst making a series of complimentary interventions within its walls, which will make it attractive to visitors and reinforce its status as a potential world heritage site.
Masterplan Development
Design team
Masterplan Lead: Machado Silvetti Associates
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