Sky Park

Penta Real Estate
Bratislava, Slovakia
Set in the former Mlynske Nivy industrial zone, southeast of the city centre, the Sky Park development has transformed the area into a new vibrant neighbourhood for Bratislava. One of several important industrial hubs, the historic Jurkovicova heating plant building has been renovated as the area's cultural epicentre, a valuable counterpart to the modern architecture of the surrounding buildings by Zara Hadid Architects, set in two hectares of public open space.

A new parkland wraps the buildings and defines the project by creating a seamless integration of public space with residential contemporary living.
The Healthy Park
A key principle for the public realm was to promote healthy, active, independent lifestyles for people of all ages, so that families and individuals could maintain and improve their physical and mental health. By creating a park that provides sufficient play space and sport infrastructure, residents are encouraged to participate in a healthy lifestyle.

The whole masterplan has been designed to encourage physical activity, simply using a series of routes and connections that are walkable, runnable, and playable. Further green sub-spaces and gardens allow for places to relax and feel comfortable outdoors, helping to sustain mental well-being by being closer to nature.

The park is a key public space providing a mix of uses for all, providing a lively green space for people to enjoy all year round. Gently sculpted edges to the park allow for a sense of enclosure and provide grass banks for people to sit out on and enjoy the space. Community facilities such as picnic tables will encourage the use of this space by families to sit and relax close to where children are playing. Children's play will be encouraged throughout the park and the wider public realm. There will be informal 'playable' features as well as more formal play areas. The Park will accommodate a range of play areas for different age groups incorporated into natural areas and making use of the mounding to provide exciting and engaging opportunities.
A Playable Social Place
A child-friendly design is one which attracts all people and brings them together, so that all users are afforded the everyday freedom to play. Play can help create interaction between people and build communities. In turn this leads to a happier, more connected, and cohesive place, with a sense of belonging.

Wrapping around the edge of the site is a woodland walk with a defining character that links to a series of open spaces across the masterplan. This route offers the opportunity to meander through the woodland or run past coloured distance markers to build up goals. More natural planting defines the linear spaces, bringing users closer to nature within this city quarter. A range of play uses are positioned along the route that include incidental play opportunities, fitness routes and trails, as well as areas to sit and relax. In addition, an outdoor gym area is provided to the west, adjacent to a more formal play space.

The entrances to the park from the east and south form important connections through the development to both the city and commercial areas. These have been designed to create wide-open welcoming thresholds to Sky Park at all entry points, using planting and tree canopies to define the character of the site boundary. Seating at main entrances allow these spaces to become social meeting points, encouraging activity on the edges of the development and a merging of communities.

Sky Park is a new way of living in the city of Bratislava.

Design team:
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Architect Jurkovic Heating Plant: Dusan Jurkovic