Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City

Hamad Medical Corporation
Doha, Qatar
Townshend Landscape Architects were appointed to work with Allies & Morrison Architects, Stantec and Buro Happold, to develop the public realm elements the masterplan, a role which was important in ensuring a clear sense of identity and place could be created out of a set of complex site requirements. A key aim was to ensure the creation of a series of comfortable outdoor spaces and routes at all times of the year to promote walkability and enhance the wellbeing aspects of the project.

Townshend Landscape Architects were appointed to work with Allies & Morrison Architects, Stantec and Buro Happold to develop the master plan for the public realm for the project, a role which was key to allow the masterplan to respond to a complex site with challenging climatic conditions, and creating public spaces that were comfortable for people to use. The vision was to create a walkable, patient-centred healthcare district characterised by the public realm.

Public Realm Strategy
The landscape proposals are designed to work across all scales of the project, providing a unique identity to the overall site and a character to each development zone, which draw out opportunities for distinctiveness and individuality. The public realm masterplan creates a cohesive design with a hierarchy of routes and spaces that work at both macro and human scale, supporting movement on site, and providing comfortable spaces offering a variety of activities.
The design is an integral part of the future vision for Qatar and strives to act as a benchmark for future development, moving towards a more sustainable and integrated model, whilst also intensifying the use of 'brownfield' land in the city based around connections to the new city metro.
Designing for Health and Well-being
Nature within a healthcare environment has many benefits on the physical and mental health of patients, staff, and visitors, and is key to creating a sustainable and happy place.
The principles include:
  • Designing for a patient sensitive environment.
  • Creation of shaded routes and connections to encourage walking and cycling.
  • Use of planting to create cooler microclimates to encourage people to use the outdoor public realm.
  • Inclusion of healing gardens, which are visually and physically accessible to patients and carers.
  • Promoting a comfortable setting for visitors, including family groups.
Design team
Architect: Allies and Morrison
Masterplan engineering: Buro Happold
Masterplan healthcare: Stantec
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