Camberley Public Realm Strategy SPD

Surrey Heath Borough Council
Camberley, Surrey
In collaboration with Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners, Townshend Landscape Architects were appointed to work on the production of a public realm strategy for Camberley Town Centre, in Surrey.
Public Realm Strategy
The study looked at a town wide strategy including opportunities for enhancing the public perception for the town centre by helping to define the character of the town and opening up new connections and routes. New and improved areas of public spaces were proposed as part of the vision to create a vibrant town centre.
Townshend's role was to develop the concept design strategy which included a public realm analysis of the existing Town Centre to identify the key issues for future improvements. This included reviewing the existing streetscapes, with a view to exploring options for full pedestrianisation of key areas such as the High Street. This was then incorporated into a set of guidelines to aid future developments for when specific funding streams become available.
The masterplan and public realm strategy was adopted by the Surrey Heath Borough Council in April 2015, forming part of a Supplementary Planning Document, which will build on and sit within the context of the Local Plan and town centre Area Action Plan. The strategy sets a clear conceptual approach for the design of the public realm across the town and provides a framework within the local planning policy that can be used to guide future development. Townshend's are now working on the 1st Phase of the Town Centre improvements which include the redevelopment of the High Street.
Concept Design
Design team
Architect: Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners
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