Argent Group Plc
Birmingham, UK
Brindleyplace is an award winning commercial development by the developer Argent that has created a vibrant business community within the centre of Birmingham. Townshend Landscape Architects were appointed as lead consultants to design the open spaces and streets for Brindleyplace following a limited design competition.
There are three principal squares, each with its own distinctive character, designed to reflect the mood and anticipated usage of each space, as drawn from their surroundings. The squares form part of a series of city squares linking through to Brindleyplace from the centre of Birmingham.
Central Square was created as the primary address for the development and was constructed in advance of any buildings. The space is paved in radiating York Stone slips, with limestone steps and ramps weaving through the space and fountain, to accommodate level changes and to form a natural amphitheatre. The cafe at the centre of the square, designed by Piers Gough, acts as a focal feature and destination. Central Square has become a popular meeting and recreation space for both local communities and office workers and is able to accommodate open air performing arts events and regularly hosts a local produce market.
The adjacent Oozells Square fronts the Ikon Gallery, Six, Eight and Nine Brindleyplace, as well as a number of restaurants that spill out under cherry trees. Running diagonally through the square is a rill of water with the ability to pulse, creating the illusion of water running uphill.
The development was completed in 2010 and has established itself as a vibrant new quarter for Birmingham. The design incorporates major pieces of sculpture by Miles Davies and Paul de Monchaux as well as accommodating temporary exhibitions in conjunction with the Ikon Gallery. Brindleyplace received the 'Award for an Outstanding Contribution to the Quality and the Appearance of the Environment' from the Civic Trust in 2002.
Design team:
Masterplanner: John Chatwin
Highways Engineer: Arup
Architects: Allies and Morrison, Porphyrios Associates, Anthony Peake Associates, Sidell Gibson Partnership, Stanton Williams, Associates Architects, Levitt Bernstein, CZWG
2012 Civic Trust Award
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